Welcome to the Gardens for Good Style Guide.


The purpose of this page is to create a common location for documentation, digital assets and brand guidelines for Gardens for Good. If you are new to the Gardens for Good team and will be creating digital media, please review this guide.

The Gardens for Good style guide is fairly simple. The logo itself is only ever displayed in two colors, either a deep brown (705143) or pure white (FFFFFF). The color of the logo depends on the background of the medium you are using it on.



Gardens for Good should have a friendly, approachable and organic feeling in any advertisement or documentation. At the same time, it will be important not to distract from the logo with any fonts utilized for branding. Arvo and Lato combine to make an elegant, organic and friendly font pairing that symbolizes the Gardens for Food brand.



Gardens for Good should should utilize vibrant organic imagery to contract the earthy, subtle tones of the logo and written material. A special focus should be put into human interaction with earth or plant life.