The Problem

Design and marketing are best used to solve a problem. So what problem did the Zephenian Education Foundation have?

They had an out-dated website, and a brand that could use a refresh.


Zephaniah Education Foundation

Zephaniah Women’s Education and Empowerment Foundation is an innovative school located in a village of rural Punjab, Pakistan. The school services more than 200 women and girls.

Even though the school is small and packed to the brim, they never turn away a student who is eager to learn. Sister Zeph is known to knock on strangers doors and ask if the women in the household may be allowed to attend her school.


The Solution

By utilizing our community outreach program, we were able to donate a website and brand re-design. This new website more readily allows the Foundation to communicate the level of professional work they accomplish. Additionally, the updated brand shows that they’re still growing and working towards their goals continuously.