Step 1: Gathering Information

With this step, our team will get to know you and your business or organization. The most important task at this point in time is to understand what problem your website will solve.

Is your website informational? Will you need an e-commerce store? Will social media play a large part in your brand? We’ll get to know your business and perform research on your industry to directly design your website for your audience. This step is especially important for setting up the next step, and that next step is..

Step 2: Creating a plan

At this stage of the website development cycle, we will consolidate all of the data previously gathered and create a sitemap and roadmap for website development. We’ll set up a start date for development and we’ll outline all of the pages that we’ll be building and run them by our client.

This step is important since we’re going to want to keep a tight and organized timeline as we move forward!

Step 3: Website Design

The design phase is by far the most visually exciting phase of our development cycle. In this step, you’ll start to see your website come to life. We’ll create mock-ups and demos for the client to review, and we’ll receive critical feedback that will allow us to merge your website and brand with the analytical data we’ve collected.

This is also the step where we’ll start building the actual website!

Step 4: Content Creation

A website is only as valuable as it’s content. We’ll have copy (text for the website) and photos prepped for publishing. We’ll fine-tune the language and visuals to directly target your audience and communicate your message as clearly and concisely as possible.

This is the step where your creativity really gets to shine as we’ll take a lot of suggestions from the client on what language they would like to see used. Additionally, we like to use professional photography in this step to add a professional feeling to your company!

Step 5: Launch and training

The last step but the best one. We’ll launch your new website, manage the SEO to make sure it’s easily found and instruct you on how to make content for it going forward. When requested, we use a CMS (content management system) that will allow our clients to update and manage the website themselves. We offer management services, but most of our clients like to play around with their new site.


What next?

If you’re ready to start your own website process or have any other questions about how website development would work for your specific company or organization – let us know!



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