Community Outreach

What we wanted

Design the World is more than just a design firm, we’re part of the community. We sat down and decided that there was no real point in being successful if we could not help the community while we grew. So, what would grow a small design firm and the community at the same time? That’s the question that lead us here.

How we got it

Turns out that the digital frontier of small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs is still widely ignored. So, we came up with a scheme. Our scheme was pretty simple. Why not find the people that needed our service the most, and when we could, give it to them for free? So that’s what we do.

What We’ve Given to the Community


  • Websites 11%
  • Graphic Design 66%
  • Branding 9%
  • Marketing 14%

Value in Dollars

It turns out that giving away our services was not only an egalitarian and marketing savvy business move, it was a fiscally responsible approach. Every time we give away a service, the community that service impacts knows our work and the people we help spread the word about our business.

We increase the digital landscape of Cheyenne, the community gains modern designs and websites and we receive great word of mouth marketing and referrals.