So you’ve decided you’d like a website? 

Most professional organizations require a website to either assist in their business operations or create a professional environment for potential customers and clients. However, a website done correctly is a large business decision. Let’s take a look at the individual steps that make up the process of a website design.


Determining Purpose

Website’s fulfill many purposes. Are you creating a general website for customers to find information on your business? Are you looking for a location for blog posts? Do you want to set up an e-commerce store? Before we begin looking at designs, we’ll have to decide what the purpose of your website is.

Design and Creation

After determining the purpose of your website, that’s where the fun begins. We’ll conduct some research, take a look at competing websites in your field and start the design process. This is an iterative process that we’ll collaborate with our clients on. Once we’re both happy with the design, it’s time for the next step!

Launching the Site

Once a design has been finalized and content generated we’ll launch the site to the public. After that, we’ll polish up the last of the website’s search engine optimization and assist with engine verification and business account creation to assist your website’s search index rankings.

Support and Training

So now your website’s up and running and we’ve finished getting you some visual recognition. Next we’re going to work with you and your team on training material for your website. We utilize the WordPress CMS platform for our website’s in conjunction with easy to use themes so that our customers are capable of most changes without consulting us.