Should I update my logo?

August 27, 2018. By Gabriel Kaufhold

When we’re working with our clients on a new website, we’re often asked if they should update their logo or brand at the same time. The answer isn’t always simple.


The answer isn’t always simple. In order to decide if you should update your logo, I think you first need to understand why a logo is important and what your logo says about you and your company.

Logos have a long and interesting history. At the end of the day, a logo is nothing more than a symbol that represents a person or group. Ancient kings and queens had their visage or name emblazoned on coins and trinkets to convince their subjects and enemies of their importance and control. Old families had coat-of-arms that told stories of their lineage and achievements.

The first instances of the modern logo were probably ancient greek stone-masons, potters and goldsmiths etching their names into their works to ensure their customers and more importantly, friends of their customers, knew where the work had come from and to what quality the work had been done.

Logos offer an individual the ability to take ownership and pride in the quality of their work while simultaneously broadcasting that any work with this mark is made with care, professionalism, and love.

To a certain extent, the logo has become an indicator of the seriousness that a company or person takes their work. Most of the time you would not hire someone who comes to an interview in dirty jeans and a t-shirt.

Most of the time you would not hire a company that has not bothered to create an image to stand behind, at least if you care about the quality of their work.

However, sometimes that’s not the case. Imagine if you’re an electrician who recently started working primarily on word of mouth. You either do not have the time or the funds to sit down and really craft your brand.

Would hundreds or thousands of dollars be better spent on advertising, tools for your business or personal pay? Probably.

Often times when you’re in a word-of-mouth business where you know all of your clients personally, you don’t need a professionally designed brand. Would it be nice? Probably.  Is it necessary? Probably not.

So in summary, should you update your logo or brand when you’re updating your website? It’s a judgment call. If you have the available funds, time and resources to devote to a brand update, and you also feel your current brand lacks professionalism, then, by all means, go for it.

If you think that your website is as much of a refresh as you need, I’d stop there.

At the end of the day, your brand is an extension of your business but it isn’t the only extension. Your work and your customers define your company more than a logo or letterhead. I would focus on your customer’s experience first and foremost, and move on to your brand when you have the resources to devote to it.


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